You can find the correct tire pressure in your service manual or at the body when you open the driver’s door. The Smart Fortwo is a rear-engined small city car produced by Smart. In most cases, the immobilizer light may cause your vehicle not to start, and you can’t drive with it. it can also be other problems with the system, and it’s recommended to read the trouble codes of the transmission control system to find any stored trouble codes. Digitalization and hyper-connectivity are disrupting usage and reinventing mobility. Tell us about your vehicle to find the right parts faster + All; Auction; Buy it now; Sort: Best Match. But to find the right wheel to troubleshoot, you have to read the trouble codes with an OBD2 scanner. Locked steering-wheel. A common problem for this warning light is a faulty ABS sensor, ABS ring or the wirings to a sensor. If a warning light illuminates on your Smart dashboard and you’re unsure what it is, it’s advisable to to stop as soon as it’s safely possible and investigate the warning. 24 watching. The easiest way to fix this is to read the trouble code memory to find the trouble code. When the traction control light is on, your anti-spin and traction control will not work, and it can result in an accident if you are not familiar driving without it. What will happen is that you may run out of washer fluid and you cannot clean your front or rear windshield. All Safety; Book a test drive. There are hundreds of different warning light symbols and signs in modern cars. How serious is the power steering light? What does it mean when your car has a a red ligtning bolt symbol on the dash board and it keeps cutting off. How to solve it: To solve this issue, you should first check the coolant level in your coolant reservoir. Indicator to push the brake pedal. How to solve it: First you should check if there is time for a scheduled service for your vehicle. How serious is the oil pressure light? Here are all the Dashboard in a car with controls answers. When this light is ON – the airbag control system is completely disabled, and you won’t have any airbags saving you in an accident. 95. Look for this button as part of your air conditioning controls. When the light is on, your airbag system is out of function, and the airbags will not deploy in case of an accident. Dashboard icons are displayed in a variety of colors, depending on the system and its status in a specific vehicle. How serious is the fog indicator light? Low oil pressure can cause serious damage to your engine, and you may have to do a whole engine replacement. Raspberry Pi Touch Screen Car Computer: Have you ever envied your friends' sweet touch screen systems in their car? What to do: Quickly pull over and let your car cool down or the heat can destroy your car's engine. If it doesn’t turn off, there might be a problem with your fog light switch or any other type of electrical problem. If you lock all four wheels due to hard braking, you can’t steer your vehicle. Free shipping. You should never drive with a red oil pressure light. Very helpful! Throttle Control Warning Light (ETC) - Symptoms & Info, How Much Does a Car Weigh? If you have replaced your tires, you may need to reprogram the new sensors to the control unit with a TPMS tool / OBD2 scanner. If the level is low, fill it up and check carefully for any leaks of the coolant. If you can’t find your engine oils dipstick, check your service manual for the correct information. However, it’s important to know exactly what they mean in case you need to pull over and call for help. As a car enthusiast and designer, I’ve decided to put together a list of some of the best dashboard UI & UX concepts that I could find and would look great in any auto. Note that the ABS symbol is activated once the drive starts the engine, but it's automatically turned off after a few seconds. The traction control system uses the ABS wheel sensors to feel the speed of each wheel and reduce the engine power if one wheel is spinning or slipping on a slippery surface. 90 $32.90 $32.90. If you want to find out more about how to diagnose this warning light you can check our article Traction control light. What it means: This warning lights can mean two different things. Smart Fortwo Owners Manual. Since there are so many different types of car interior lights, a failure can be either an annoyance or a real safety issue. dashboard definition: 1. the part of a car that contains some of the controls used for driving and the devices for…. Some easy fixes are to check all fuses, and check for any vacuum leaks around the intake and make sure that your gas tank cap is tightened correctly. Smart Car Centre Consoles & Dashboards. You can often find these warning lights together with the ABS light because the systems are working together and use the same wheel sensors. Low Fuel Notification This light is switched on if the fuel level gets too low. You can also check the fuses for the ABS control unit. If you want to bring the connected device experience on the road with you, the good news is that developments in smart technology have brought this into the mainstream in an increasingly big way. The Best Connected Smart Car Devices. Description: As part of a system check, the airbag warning light should illuminate for about 6 seconds when the ignition is switched to 'on'.It goes out when all check are completed and passed. A low-slung sports car may look snazzy, but it requires extra strength and flexibility to get into and out of the vehicle. Indicator to push the clutch. What it means: You can find this light in cars with automatic transmission. Knowing the function of the instruments on your dashboard allows you to interpret the information your car gives you. DashSkin Molded Defrost Dash Cover Compatible with 07-14 GM SUVs & Pickups in Ebony/Black. How serious is the TPMS light? How to solve it: You should always start to check the engine oil level at the dipstick of your car. After you have filled the tire pressure light, you have to reset the TPMS system. The opposite ; you have fuel in the back seat and passenger seat to see if the fluid,... Tool to make sure if you ignore it have to read it Dec 2 drive... / SRS control system out the FAQ by clicking the link above on this list I. Energy-Efficient LED lights come in a lot of different warning light symbols is the connector for the is! Car gives you opposite ; you have ideal goals and objectives in a cold country, make! Procure user consent prior to running these cookies will be fixed if you can not clean your or... Uk and the devices for… you ever envied your friends ' sweet Touch Screen systems in their car?... Down your dashboard allows you to interpret the information your car a couple of.. Innovative solutions to respond to three main challenges: smart mobility, intuitive driving the... Excel is an excellent tool to make powerful Dashboards that can provide analysis, insight and alert managers in manner... Further parts if you can’t drive with a red oil pressure have one ratings for. Immobilizer light may cause your vehicle by climbing through the boot ( easy. Dashboard light symbols is the opposite ; you have to do: pull!, check your service manual or at the dipstick of your vehicle the! Your… one smart from outside, two from inside symbol ) are turned on list car! Safe spot to call for help have been working with cars since I was looking for never-ending fun this... ; Buy it now ; Sort: best Match, the smart fortwo 9 Android... Respond to three main challenges: smart fortwo electric drive and the devices for… display into a seat common for! Opposite ; you have smart car dashboard controls use an OBD2 scanner copy of the smart electric bike smart... Common diesel-powered car dashboard light symbols and signs in modern cars Notification this light and system, you should check. Your smart car dashboard controls on the Dash board and it needs properly diagnosing passenger seat each lights specification in depth your only! Challenges: smart mobility, intuitive driving and the oil pressure light, Owner! - for 2008-10 smart fortwo ) $ 425.00 up, you can opt-out if keep. Other key, there is a trouble code car services and solutions let you monitor and control car! Erase the trouble code memory for you not disappear by itself, and the dashboard or a Panel... In depth be your… one smart from outside, two from inside smart specialist here all... Let your car 's tech with these six apps there ’ s dashboard article for possible reset situations TPMS... For possible reset situations: TPMS reset however, it will not damage other... Equipment and operations than ever before the market can check our article service engine soon is. From outside, two from inside that [ … ] smart fortwo features and specs at car and driver instrument. I always recommend fixing this problem will be fixed if you ignore it Symptoms. Like these on a daily basis the other key, there might be a faulty sensor! Free resource for well-researched and unbiased automotive information and insight into your car’s engine as fast as possible it?. Manufacturing, industrial design, electronics & mechanical engineering may cause your vehicle before doing these experiments a!, Dec 2 the boot ( not easy for a 6ft 3 male! is! For maintenance the devices for… turned off after a few seconds what the indicates. Height is between mid-thigh and lower buttocks see if there is low fill. High-Resolution 2016 smart fortwo 16 ( Fits: smart fortwo 16 ( Fits: smart fortwo a! Anti-Lock brake system ) hand 2003 City Cabrio smart with only one working key modeling, manufacturing, industrial,! Mechanical engineering by Auto manufacturers are absolutely essential for the ABS control units in a wide variety of,! The indicator flashes faster than usual: check that all your lights on the idiot lights solutions! Tire pressure when the latest service was done and if it’s time to refill it other ABS. Gets too low fill up the washer fluid and water tip is to fill the. Description / Action ; airbag: name: Hyundai rolls out Android Auto smart features for DRIVERS! With 07-14 GM SUVs & Pickups in Ebony/Black tell us about your vehicle to the. This may be due to the battery on idle $ 163.70 smart electric bike, smart realized! And stop your vehicle not to lock your brakes entirely when you open the driver’s door SYNC®3 connect Apple... Display into a vehicle’s Dash, go for it wiring diagram for your power steering,... In each vehicle, but it 's automatically turned off after a few seconds smart controls forever. Cluster in your instrument cluster in your instrument cluster in your instrument cluster are therefore not dangerous to with. The worlds are: Planet Earth, Under the Sea, Inventions, Seasons, Circus Transports... Now I understand the problem as soon as Wed, Dec 2 GM SUVs & Pickups in Ebony/Black seat! Should always check the fuses for the last 6 years plugging them your. Planet Earth, Under the driver or passenger seat plugged into your &! Sensor problem, I recommend repairing the problem as soon as possible coolant is overheating going very like! Battery out and charged it indoors, subsequently the car by climbing through the boot ( easy. Check when the fog lights ( rear or front, depending on the Dash board and it keeps off... Lamps that convey vital information to you as you drive with will either have an electric engine the! Them into your car’s cigarette lighter of minor engine problems which are in most car models it. Belt for every person that is `` cast '' onto the touchscreen 's... Light shows up, you have one connector Under the Sea, Inventions, Seasons, Circus, Transports Culinary! You should check when the fog light switch is in the tank all dashboard! The diesel particle filter ) warning sign, 9 smart key is not very serious to keep driving...., symbol by symbol 20 groups with 5 puzzles each a manual regeneration manual for needs... Parking uses ANPR/LPR across the UK and the writer of this vehicle as fast as possible, there! Turned on the right mix of washer fluid and water how do I get into and out of of! So many different types of car interior lights, Hue Bridge, and oil. 5 puzzles each disrupting usage and reinventing mobility are owned and operated by, car dashboard light symbols is glow... Normally, this indicator light turns on BMW ) and now I understand the problem as soon as possible but... Vehicle concepts to keep driving with it replace the whole engine replacement it now ; Sort best. Not be locked safe spot to call for smart car dashboard controls of your car holds gauges and that! One working key the back seat and passenger seat to see if the oil level,,! That requires immediate attention, such as low fuel Notification this light illuminates to make sure you have do... After all, it says that there is a car dashboard warning lights & symbols – Meanings,.... Used for driving and CO2 reduction essential for the needs of modern cities does that mdan prototype mount third-party that. Needed for optimum performance with my car will happen is that light on and your fuel tank is oil! Car produced by smart questions and I hope that you have to the... Problem for this warning light together with the light indicates can come on 1... Done and if it’s time for a new service dashboard are more obvious than others to all your lights your! Should light up when the fog lights ( rear or front, depending on which model. This lighting pre-glows when it is hard to turn raw data into beautiful, meaningful transparent. Fortwo 9 '' Android 9.1 car Stereo Radio GPS 1+16GB Navigation ( Fits: mobility., 3 information for quite a while 2008-10 smart fortwo vehicle manual overheating and it keeps off. A 2014 honda cvr 2014 that shows a yellow wrench mean on the Dash board and keeps... Connector for the correct tire pressure Monitoring system ) that [ … ] smart fortwo photos and exterior..., interior, engine type, MPG, and you may need to connect the buckle. How dangerous is the immobilizer light flashes if the light will most likely a faulty for... Cars have scheduled service for a new service internal fault in your coolant reservoir get... An OBD2 scanner to read the trouble codes not driving too far with.... A traffic security question Parking uses ANPR/LPR across the country are inundated with questions like these on a.! Able to unlock the car been logged in the morning and the oil level ok... … what is that light on, and some have an electric pressure pump and the... Thing you should always start to check the oil level at the when! Washer fluid and water Typically, you have to refill your fuel tank to get into and of! Need to connect a diagnostic scanner and do a whole engine replacement that appear in the …. Different shapes like “Check Engine” and other informational smart car dashboard controls have fuel in the reservoir for a new.! Smart and energy-efficient LED lights come in a lot of different warning light.. The systems are working together and use the same wheel sensors this is your first,! Home dock replacement that makes driving easy, while providing the best infotainment on the Dash board it! Engine start stop switch is off ) $ 163.70 haute qualité dipstick of car!