Discover the difference between smoked and sweet, plus how to buy the best paprika. Has anyone ever smoked peppers? You can find this smoked variety in mild, medium-hot, and hot. View entire discussion ( 66 comments) Anaheim Pepper. share. Sometimes the peppers are smoked before being ground—smoked paprika has a strong, outdoorsy flavor perfect for dry rubs and barbecue spice. In all honesty I think most chinense peppers should be enjoyed fresh if possible, that amazing taste almost completely disappears when they're dried. Thanks. Many cooks like to … Smoked paprika, often called pimenton or smoked Spanish paprika, is made from peppers that are smoked and dried over oak fires.This process gives the red powder a rich, smoky flavor. It’s a go-to, so much so that chipotle powder has grown in popularity on the spice rack, right next to that ground cayenne pepper . What types of wood should I use? Types of Peppers, from Mild to Hot Bell Peppers. These are very hot small peppers, also known as “bird peppers’ with an elongated shape, it measures about ¼” long and ⅛” width. There are several small types of hot chiles (some are a cylindrical shape too) that are called indistinctly “piquín” when they are dried but when they are fresh they receive other names according to their shape and the region where they are grown. Paprika is a spice made from dried sweet peppers ground to to a fine powder. I want to try to make a sauce with smoked peppers. Amit Basu Photography/Getty Images. A spice that’s central to Hungarian cuisine, paprika is made by drying a particular type of sweet pepper, then grinding them to a fine, rich red powder. Is it best to hot smoke or cold smoke them? They're usually not smoked and dried. The chipotle pepper is no doubt the king of smoky peppers. 16 comments. Anaheim peppers, named after the Southern California city where these not-so-fiery peppers are grown, are a mild chile that boasts a … My grocery stores have fresh jalapenos, serranos, habaneros, fresnos and Thai bird peppers. Scoville Heat Units: 500-2,500. The flavor varies from country to country, depending on the types of peppers used to make it as well as the preparation method. Most varieties are slightly mild and sweet, though some variations are a bit hot and some are somewhat smokey, as the peppers are smoked during drying. Chipotles are dried and smoked red jalapeño peppers , so there’s a definite spiciness here, but it’s a heat level most anyone can enjoy.