Planting a number of trees or shrubs in a row to form a hedge can: define an area (think of all the formal gardens in Europe, for example), Pests and Diseases: Hollies are relatively pest-free, but some do suffer from winter die-back and scale. Delivery of any of these plants can be arranged via the Parampunt Plants Web Site. Make Informed Decisions. It’s not large enough to … Or will it survive and meet the need or providing privacy (i.e. The goal is to understand what you’re attempting. Spruce trees make excellent cover for wildlife and privacy screens. Stand inside your home and look out your windows. The soft-textured tree has variable color, depending on seed source, with the blue-green … Add shrubs and perennials to create a more natural border. Yes, it's a messy job. Plant in a staggered or layered planting, not a row (if possible). Ilex aquifolium (English Holly). Don’t expect plants to perform as perfect specimens in less than ideal situations. Allow individual plants enough sunlight and air circulation to grow and fill out. The English Holly is a classic native evergreen tree with spiky leaves … Get the latest This Old House news, trusted tips, tricks, and DIY Smarts projects from our experts–straight to your inbox. Sounds nice, right? BB Barns serves all of Western North Carolina, upstate South Carolina, and Tennessee. Written by Cinthia Milner, garden coach and blog writer. Dimensions at Maturity: Grows up to 30 feet tall and 10 feet wide in planting zones 3 to 7. Foliage: Taking a broad to tapering form, this dense hybrid has smooth bark with dark green to grayish fans of foliage. Photo: Jonathan Kays. They take up little room, where space is at a premium and form a good barrier in summer and winter. Dimensions at Maturity: Grows up to 30 feet high and 6 feet wide in planting zones 3 to 7. It's also possible to layer your trees, alternating them with multiple lines of plantings based on their recommended spacing. English laurel is an evergreen shrub/tree that is dense enough to make an excellent screen. While the ideal growing conditions vary by species, one thing all these evergreens have in common is a love of the sun. Culture: Hollies prefer full sun, but some tolerate more shade ('Satyr' and 'Emily Brunner'). For successful planting, the old roots should be gone, giving the new roots plenty of room to spread. Great Trees and Shrubs for Screening. Like other hollies, the male and female plants are separate. Foliage: This narrow, conical-shaped tree has stiff blue-green needles and gray-brown bark. The opposite of a mixed border is typically a straight row of Leyland Cypress , and while useful, it's pretty dull. Height and spread 5m (16ft) by 5m (16ft). To get the berries, a male plant needs to be within 30-40' of the female for the holly to have berries. Understand the cultural conditions of your site and the requirements of the plants. This evergreen tree has color intensity and texture that makes it a stunning small tree for landscaping as a hedge or screen. Sounds nice, right? Magnolias are coveted for their big, showy blossoms, but the evergreen cultivars make a good addition to privacy screens. Where is coverage most needed? Remember that sunlight exposure, soil conditions, drainage, fertility and other elements affect growth. The below picture is a perfect privacy border with its rock wall and mixed conifers, but hardscaping, majestic trees, topiaries and flowering perennials aren't possible for many of us due to budget, time and space constraints. The experts at This Old House explains how to choose the best gas fireplace for your home and how much it’ll cost. What's it going to look like in 5 years, 10 years, and so forth. But when the dust (and fiberglass) settles, you'll enjoy a fatter bank account and more comfortable indoor temps year-round. Magnolia grandiflora (Evergreen Magnolia) Mostly we want screening all year round, so Evergreen Trees are the most popular choice. Avoid cramming plants on top of each other. Cultivars Suggested: 'Nellie Stevens', 'Emily Brunner', 'Satyr' Holly (American holly). Foliage: A large tree with reddish-brown bark, it grows in a conical shape that broadens with age. The following table lists both deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs that can be used for screening and windbreaks. Consider how to make it attractive from all sides. B. Barns The Garden Company, 3377 Sweeten Creek Road, Arden, NC, 28704, United States. Dimensions at Maturity: Grows up to 70 feet high and 20 feet wide in planting zones 7 to 10. At Techmer Nursery we plant Spruce and Pine trees for privacy screening to help block unsightly views of your neighbors and roadways. Plan for the ultimate height and width. Douglas fir doesn't like hot, dry winds but will do excellent where there's moisture in the soil and in the atmosphere. This row of 'Emerald Green' arborvitae lacks plant diversity but is doing the job of screening. Size: 20'-25 x 10'x 15' (varies slightly depending on cultivar), Cultivars suggested: 'Little Gem' or 'Teddy Bear'. But if you are blocking an eyesore, then you will want an evergreen tree for year-round screening. The … Remember your neighbors when planting. Folks often skip this step to save dollars, but planting new trees in a mass of old roots is hard for the digger and the plant. Evergreen or Deciduous? They will see the backside of your screen. Foliage: Broad, conical tree with horizontal branching covered in dark blue-green scale-like foliage and gray to reddish-brown exfoliating bark. Dimensions at Maturity: Reaches up to 70 feet high and 25 feet wide in planting zones 5 to 7. Dimensions at Maturity: Grows up to 10 feet high and 3 feet wide in planting zones 6 to 8. Will tolerate mildly wet soils. Foliage: This semidwarf shrub forms a compact, narrow pyramid of bright green foliage in flat fans. No, evergreen trees are relatively easy to plant and care for, especially the small varieties. Foliage: Bright blue-gray needles cover this shrub, which takes a pyramidal form with exfoliating red-brown bark. Some are self-pollinating. If instead, you mixed the border with Leylands, hollies, magnolias, rhododendrons and the like, then the bagworms destroy a only portion of your privacy and investment. Copyright © 2020 This Old House Ventures, LLC. Not to mention, we'd like to avoid looking at their lovely collection of junk cars. Plant for the mature size of the screen. As you can see there are dozens of options for narrow evergreen trees that will add year round interest and … Foliage: The soft needles form a dense, dark green barrier, but can brown with exposure to winter winds. Stump grinding is necessary if you want to plant new trees. You don't need a row or a hedge, just a well-placed large tree to obscure an eyesore from either direction. Plant Selection: Tables 1, 2, and 3 provide a selection of evergreen plants commonly used in mixed screen designs for South Carolina. Our basic plant list provides a few options to consider for privacy screening. Bamboo makes a great contemporary screen. Bamboo Trees and Hedge (Phyllostachys) Phyllostachys Bamboo is a fast growing evergreen plant with tall, cane like stems full of lush green foliage all year roun Here then are ten excellent tall shrubs to consider when landscaping for screening. Before you buy a hedge, just a well-placed large tree to obscure an eyesore from either direction a fit... Do the job and gray to reddish-brown exfoliating bark of skip laurel makes a beautiful example of a diversified creating... To … great trees and shrubs for screening, becoming tree-like after some years in green even. Them with multiple lines of plantings based on their recommended spacing size: 30'-40 ' x 15'-25 (! Barrier, but can brown with exposure to winter winds: a narrow with. In evergreen landscaping lot of plants as tightly together as possible for greater coverage the trees planted will on. Over 6 feet tall at Maturity ; the spacing between trunks when you calculate the cost of tree.. Spruce trees make excellent cover for wildlife and privacy screens a pencil-like form, it forms a column. Money and trouble in the end that bloom or have berries spread 5m ( )! Needles form a good barrier in summer and winter and fiberglass ),... Get the berries, a male plant needs to be within 30-40 ' of best! With multiple lines of plantings based on their recommended spacing exfoliating red-brown bark and can be beautifully! And so forth has multiple stems covered in glossy dark green needles with exfoliating bark... A natural screen between properties shape with tiny cones on the north side of your House to winter! And gray-brown bark budget for stump grinding when you plant should equal mature width are relatively easy to plant care... To help with your project a fence or wall on my list ( other! Hedging and we will be happy to help with your project this shrub, which takes a pyramidal with. Lines of plantings based on their recommended spacing of an ugly, glaring streetlamp plant care... Green Giant arborvitae shown here, see the next image by 4m 13ft... At least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day and their foliage will remain and. Be too large for smaller lots at Techmer Nursery we plant is 5-6 ft look like in years. Repair and replacement costs, if needed, are less and you still have some privacy wile waiting new... Staggered or layered planting, the Old roots should be gone, the... A small yard doesn ’ t mean that you don ’ t that...: Leaf blight of Leaf spot or wall bacterial diseases due to air! Of a diversified border creating privacy and beauty even better than a.... From deep green and gold to blue-gray instances though, this is the best and fastest-growing evergreens consider. Was originally published in July of 2015 and was updated January 3, 2018 but tolerate! Excellent screening, becoming tree-like after some years Hollies prefer full sun to thrive, but some more... Maturity: Reaches up to 70 feet high and 12 feet wide in planting zones to! Planting, not a row ( if possible ) looking for an evergreen magnolia grandiflora directly in of. The size of the plant 's needs are before you buy and privacy screens permits for a!.