In short, communicate effectively and you will get things done. You may also want to try these exercises for better critical thinking. Snippet of the workshop on running kickoff meetings in my DPM Membership “Master Project Kickoffs” workshop. How to improve your project manager skills? Knowing how to build out an exemplary project proposal is going to teach you the basics of project initiation, namely the ability to identify a problem and then offer a solution that you are best equipped to handle. Explanation – An elevator pitch for the above. Also, if the project coordinator is in charge of a staff, she must feel comfortable offering instructions and getting employees to perform at a high level. Project managers are the glue that holds any project team together – the success of a project rises and falls with you. Also, having a willingness to scale to a more comprehensive solution if you are finding your current task management systems are becoming inadequate. Outstanding project managers have a mixture of hard and soft skills to perform well in their jobs. 16. 16. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Let others push you to a high character. The demand for skilled project managers continues to grow at alarming rates. Be responsible for yourself first. These are things that are hard—if not impossible—to teach, but in my experience, they really do set good PMs apart from the bad. My analogy here is a pilot flying a plane, the pilot doesn’t just log a flight plan he/she monitors actively during the flight! As businesses become ever more interconnected, there is a growing requirement for multi-talented people to coordinate and manage diverse teams in ambitious cross-company projects. Work on this skill through simple practice and accent that knowledge with free tutorials and guides to give you deeper insights. Communication is arguably a project manager’s most important skill set to master—no matter the project, client, or campaign. You can start with Fundamentals of Risk Management by Paul Hopkins or Implementing Enterprise Risk Management by James Lam. The power of good scheduling is that it determines who is representing your team at different hours, on different days, across different tasks. It’s a skill that is nebulous and will change day-to-day as your project needs change. When information flows with the right messaging, at the right time, to the right person, through the right channel, almost any hurdle can be overcome. You wanted a list of project management skills, and you’re going to get one. Soft skills(e.g. Project management hard skills speak to your practical technical ability: tools, techniques, and methodologies you can apply.