Glenn CC100R Banjo Review Another great choice for learning banjo is the Rogue B30 Deluxe banjo. It is a pleasure to practice and play this fine instrument. The hardware of the banjo is made from chrome with aluminum rim case. Deluxe 5-String Deering Banjo.....I ordered and received my new Deering Deluxe, and it is awesome. Like the banjo in the starter pack, the B30 Deluxe is not the most aesthetically pleasing banjo on the market If you’re set on buying a banjo with a resonator and you’re on an ultra-tight budget, the B30 Deluxe will work. Played one for 8 years before trading it in for a Ramsey Special open back to focus on Old Time claw hammer. The Deering Deluxe is a great banjo. It came ready to go. Fathand - Posted - 11/05/2016: 15:18:33 Along with this, it has 20 tuners with the die-cast high ratio. It has 5-strings with 30 bracket design. With advice from Ross in adding the zero glide nut and capo spikes, I am thrilled with the tone and clarity. This banjo features a wooden neck, NatoBridge and Fretboard with Rosewood frets.