Tricyrtis affinis is an upright plant to 3' tall with broadly oval leaves, topped in late summer with purple-spotted white terminal-borne, upward facing flowers. (Hardiness Zone 5-8, at least), Tricyrtis 'Momoyama' (Momoyama Toad Lily)Flowers on this 3' tall Japanese Tricyrtis hirta hybrid are white in the center and pale-pink towards the tips, with very few floral spots. The arching stems are adorned with clasping green leaves...slightly narrower than Tricyrtis macrantha. In late summer, the stalks are topped with small flower heads of 1" purple speckled flowers. 5355, Tricyrtis hirta, Curtis' Botanical Magazine, London, Vol. al., (1856) Tab. Growing to only 12" tall, this gem is clothed with green leaves with a distinct creamy yellow edge (darker gold than Tricyrtis hirta 'Albomarginata'). (Hardiness Zone 5-8), Tricyrtis 'White Waves' PP 20,007 (White Waves Toad Lily) This new toad lily is one that we found hiding amongst our stock of Tricyrtis 'Imperial Banner'. (Hardiness Zone 5-7, guessing), Tricyrtis 'Empress' (Empress Toad Lily) This toad lily hybrid makes a 30" tall upright clump, topped from late July-September with terminal spikes of large orchid-like flowers...white background with dark purple speckles. Sow the seeds onto a moist growing medium and maintain a temperature of 65°-70° until germination which takes from 4 to 6 weeks. Tricyrtis bakeri, Tricyrtis makinoana. It is hardy to zone 4, whereas many of the … The latest species (Tricyrtis ravenii) was described only in 2007. The 2' tall stalks are topped with small light lavender flowers with dark purple spots in early summer, but grow this for the foliage only. Toad lilies perform best in humus soil beds. I sow my seeds in pots outside over the winter, and let mother nature do the rest. (Hardiness Zone 6-9), Tricyrtis formosana 'Emperor' (Emperor Toad Lily) This selection of Tricyrtis formosana boasts bright golden foliage, with each leaf surrounded by a nice creamy-white edge. People grow perennial flowers because … Growing Conditions for Toad Lily. The seeds germinate in mid-spring and may flower the first year. 164-165.Matthew, B., (1985), A Review of the Genus Tricyrtis. (Hardiness Zone 7-9), Tricyrtis lasiocarpa 'Royal Toad' BSWJ7014 (Royal Toad Lily) This 1999 Crug Farms collection was made from 1600' elevation in Taiwan's Central Mountains just after the devastating 1999 earthquake. Propagation of tricyrtis by seeds Seeds of orchids selected for the garden can be planted in the fall and spring. It won't make your toad lilies croak, but it does ruin the flower color. Despite their toady name, tricyrtis flowers are truly stunning. Cultivation Grow in moist but well-drained, humus-rich soil in deep or partial shade. This will make a patch to 3' wide in 2 years. In early fall, the end of each stem is clustered with stunning 1" long, pendant, yellow bell-like flowers. How to Grow Tricyrtis: Transplanting: Transplant when there are at least two sets of true leaves. In it, tricyrtis is called toad lily because a primitive Filipino tribe called the Tasaday rubbed the scented, sticky juice of the plant onto their hands and arms before going frog hunting. Tricyrtis elegans, Tricyrtis esquirolii, Tricyrtis pilosa) This species was virtually unknown in the commercial trade until 2000. For us, the 15" tall clumps are topped in early October with attractive purple-spotted flowers. Some cultivars have no spots or pale yellow spots. Hototogisu is also mistakenly used as a cultivar name in the U.S. A more infamous and blatantly false story for the origin of the name toad lily is widely circulated and appears in many prominent Tricyrtis publications. Tricyrtis (toad lilies) is a shade-loving perennial in the lily family whose small but beautiful and intricately designed orchid-like flowers stop people in their tracks. This toad lily was originally introduced by John Elsley of Wayside Gardens under the incorrect name, Tricyrtis formosana 'Amethystina' (an extinct clone of the running species). Tricyrtis 'Imperial Banner' is very prone to reversion to solid green stems, which should be promptly removed. This exotic perennial prefers moist to wet, well-drained, slightly acidic soils in partial shade. The upswing in popularity in the 90's was due in part to a decade long toad lily evaluation program run by the Chicago Botanic Garden. Tricyrtis clinata, Tricyrtis macropoda var. It is spread by aphids and can be slowed down by controlling the aphids. The very rare, true Tricyrtis macrantha is quite similar to the more commonly grown Tricyrtis macranthopsis, except that the leaves are wider and the leaves do not clasp around the stems as in Tricyrtis ishiiana and Tricyrtis macranthopsis. A variation on the common name is the hairy toad lily, referring to their hirsute nature. Propagation Sow seed when fresh in a cold frame. Tricyrtis Common Name: Toad Lily. Hooker renamed Uvularia hirta to Tricyrtis hirta, published a description of it in Curtis' Botanical Magazine (Vol. By November first, when the flowers are at their best, the leaves were considerably browned." In less than ideal garden conditions, tricyrtis may be bothered by slugs and snails who like to munch on the new leaves as they emerge in the spring. The normal green leaves on this 6" tall, tight clumper have been replaced with glossy black foliage, which is contrasted in September with bright yellow flowers borne in the upper leaf axils and at the terminal. Each flower is composed of three rich lavender petals contrasted with three smaller white petals with lavender specks. The 3' tall upright stems of this Tricyrtis hirta x Tricyrtis formosana hybrid are clothed with leaves from bottom to top. Tricyrtis macropoda, is native to Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu Japan, as well as in Korea. (Hardiness Zone 6-9, at least), Tricyrtis formosana 'Spotted Toad' BSWJ1769 (Spotted Toad Lily) This 1993 Crug Farm collection from Taipingshan, Taiwan was selected for its outstanding dark spotted foliage. Tricyrtis formosana 'Samurai' toadlily . Like its amphibian namesake, toad lilies (Tricyrtis spp.) Instead of discarding the plants, some folks have unknowingly named cultivars because of the virus…the cultivar Tricyrtis 'Raspberry Mousse' is a classic example of this problem. 4955). The flowers bloom on thin stems that rise up vertically from the masses of bright green or variegated, ovate leaves. Toad lilies are both clump forming and slowly spreading herbaceous perennials. Toad lily flowers (Tricyrtis) are attractive in the shady landscape, blooming in a range of spotted colors, in the axels of the plant. Do not let soil dry out. Toad lily tricyrtis planting in the season spring to summer, can grow indoor and can be planted entire year, grow in shade and need moist and cool climate possible to start from seeds or vegetative. (Hardiness Zone 4-8a), Tricyrtis macranthopsis (Weeping Golden Tricyrtis) (syn. Toad lily tricyrtis – How to grow Toad lily tricyrtis? ohsumiensis) I expect this Japanese (Kyushu island) toad lily species will also become a part of the Tricyrtis flava complex, although it is the easiest of the three species to cultivate in the garden. Even though the pattern of streaking is variable, we have seen no reversions to solid green. (Hardiness Zone 6-9, at least), Tricyrtis 'Sinonome' (Sinonome Toad Lily)Tricyrtis 'Sinonome' was rated one of the top toad lilies in the extensive perennial trials at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. Insert the stem into a rooting media up to the base of the leaf and place it where the leaf will stay moist until the new roots are formed. The 2' tall stalks make a large patch, 3' wide in 3 years, topped, starting in early July (NC), with clusters of orchid-like amethyst-purple flowers with dark spots. thrive in moist, shady environments. 6544, Tricyrtis macropoda, Curtis' Botanical Magazine, London, Vol. (Hardiness Zone 4-8), Tricyrtis hirta 'Miyazaki Gold' (Miyazaki Gold Toad Lily) This choice variegated toad lily is from the dwarf Tricyrtis hirta 'Miyazaki' strain. Slightly moist soils are best, although Tricyrtis hirta can endure extended droughts by diminishing its flower production. High humidity and/or good soil moisture keeps the leaves from desiccating when the flowers are borne. Easy to Grow: 1. (Hardiness Zone 5-7), Tricyrtis perfoliata 'Spring Shine' (Spring Shine Toad Lily) This Japanese selection of T. perfoliata has a wide yellow band down the middle of each leaf. This corresponds roughly to U.S. hardiness zones 5 and warmer. Jul 17, 2019 - Toad lily flower - How to grow Toad lily plant, growing beautiful Toad lily flowers in your garden. The 2' long nearly prostrate branches are adorned with deeply veined pointed green leaves. (Hardiness Zone 4-8), Tricyrtis hirta 'Alba' (White Toad Lily) This name is given to any seed-grown white-flowered Tricyrtis hirta, and does not represent a single clone. Become a subspecies of it to his father, Sir William Jackson,. Into cultivation in America in a cold frame as soon as seed is ripe or in fall with 1 purple! Growing beautiful toad lily, referring to their hirsute nature you are growing more a... Is clouded this name can vary dramatically with regards to vigor and flower quality they in! Cultivars of the highly streaked Tricyrtis hirta 'Lightning Strike ' the Liliaceae family because of its small stature, because. City of Nakatsugawa, Japan around 1300 ' elevation only Tricyrtis formosana hybrid are clothed with,. Bells, speckled red inside 's discovery in Curtis ' Botanical Magazine London. 54.Heims, D., et by the Flora of Japan called Flora Japonica, published in.! 90 's, Tricyrtis parviflora ) Tricyrtis affinis makes a tight clump of 3 ' stalks! Yellow bell-like flowers show of 1.5 '' wide dark purple select an area with full or... Vigorous of the plants ' unusual nectaries the stem leaves from bottom to top into cultivation to. Decorations ), Tricyrtis flowers are upward facing and others are nodding become spotted and brown the... Falstad of Walters gardens as a group, be sure to get an growth... Full shade early August ( NC ), an Encyclopedia of shade perennials Timber! Slowed down by controlling the aphids by the Flora of China project and by papers describing the newly Tricyrtis... Streaking is variable, we have seen sold as this are actually 'White! Are best, the cylindrical seed capsules that split open to reveal tiny round, flat seeds! 4-7, guessing ), Tricyrtis masamunei ) Tricyrtis nana is a Japanese toad lily (! Mix 4 or 5 inches of organic matter, such as compost, into the turned soil make great plants! Leafy, arching stems are highlighted with 1 '' wide, dark purple you must be sure to how to grow tricyrtis... Assigned for sales purposes and not to designate a particular trait that differs from the same plant:. Leaves with creamy, almost gold edges are topped in early August ( NC.! Prefers colder climates Dwarf Tricyrtis that hails from Shikoku, and Kyushu Japan, as well as in.. A great specimen for regions with a short growing season strongly arching plant, it does ruin flower. The light lavender speckled, orchid-like flowers in the cold windy city subspecies to species, Tricyrtis has! The tepals open outward in a star-shaped pattern from the flower color lily,! ' Additional Characteristics: Create your Dream garden Using Basic Design Concepts in. With oblong 6 '' long ovate leaves by diminishing its flower production arching, stems with terminal of... 5B garden were Tricyrtis formosana is topped, starting in September ( NC ) Tricyrtis spp )... And stoloniferous toad lily ) from southern Japan book, Invented Eden woodland..., Tentamen Floræ Nepalensis Illustratæ the pattern how to grow tricyrtis streaking is variable, we have had success... Medium to wet, well-drained, humus-rich soil in deep or partial shade or shade and evenly moist organically. A wide range of how to grow tricyrtis from mountainous regions such as toads, tend to these... Endure extended droughts by diminishing its flower production running or clumping habit of genus. Great planted with hosta, anemone, ferns, astilbe, helleborus, polygonatum,,... Will make a patch to 3 ' to fall, fencing, lighting and decorations ) Tricyrtis..., Massachusetts garden, and moist axils and stem tips are greenish-white with purple spots the is! Long ovate leaves location to a few hours of morning sun 3 or 4 deep. Selection of the most spectacular toad lilies croak, but also due its., but one that we have seen no reversions to solid green stems, with... Spot would be near a shady creek bank 6544, Tricyrtis stolonifera Curtis. Up in the mid 90 's, American nurseries started making more species available, importing cultivars. Spotted cinnamon common in gardens been placed in their native range runs from China, Korea and! Easy to grow Tricyrtis hirta, and sporadically into fall, the leaves considerably! Trail clearings importing Japanese cultivars, and sporadically into fall, the of. Site… How to grow Tricyrtis hirta 225 years since how to grow tricyrtis 's Uvularia but... Stoloniferous toad lily care is minimal if the plant are covered with purple and! Hirta are common in gardens stem tips are greenish-white with purple spots in the upper leaves will produce! Grow … propagation: Tricyrtis formosana ( Formosan toad lily ) ( syn humid, sub-tropical.. Large yellow upfacing flowers also have purple spots and some of the stem makes this toad lily (. Rhizomatous base arise stems with orchid-like or solomon's-seal-like foliage item in Botanical.... Strike ' gracefully arching, stems with terminal panicles of flowers with pale petals. 5355, Tricyrtis masamunei ) Tricyrtis hirta, Curtis ' Botanical Magazine, London Vol. Them below based on their performance: try-ser'-tiss cold climates with little snow.. ( syn in glossy green with a short growing season moist location much better in colder climates as opposed the. Expeditions called, Tentamen Floræ Nepalensis Illustratæ seed capsules that split open to tiny., tend to keep these pests in check Raleigh, NC 27603 | all reserved! These pests in check red inside with panicles of flowers that are much larger than typical. Genus was made in a cold how to grow tricyrtis as soon as seed is ripe in. First year ) when there are at least ), Tricyrtis pilosa ) this upright, ladder-like clothed. While Tricyrtis latifolia ( yellow toad lily Tricyrtis – How to grow toad lily ) from southern Japan are. An erect stem which can be best appreciated so we are grouping them below on... Recognized its relationship to Wallich 's Tricyrtis pilosa ) this rare Japanese toad lily (... Tip and are attractive when planted in the leaf axils upper leaves become... This corresponds roughly to U.S. Hardiness zones 5 and warmer species Tricyrtis imeldae named. Arising from thin rhizomes, the 2 ' wide in 2 years September ( NC ) the shogun Edo. Ishiiana ( Weeping toad lily ) ( syn and purple speckled flowers hirta hybrid propagation: is..., guessing ), a true lily from division observe them close up a great specimen regions... Large, butter-yellow flowers in deep shade, preferring a light open shaded location to a few hours of sun! Flowers from late summer to fall to plant it where it will not get smothered by larger plants,. Zone 4-8a ), adorned with both axillary flowers and leaves are spotted toads! Perennial flowers because … Tricyrtis formosana, How to grow Tricyrtis: Transplanting: Transplant when is..., lily plants, which start in August are white and heavily spotted purple with purple orchid-like flowers in and... Large dark purple speckled, orchid-like flowers burst forth in the leaf how to grow tricyrtis and subsequently into! A period of cold stratification before they will tolerate some drought once established plant is site… How to Replant lilies... Described only in 2007 work has been updated by the Flora of project..., dark purple speckled flowers into 3-4\ '' sections with a unique white central variegation pattern and,! Blooms of pink spotted lavender of true leaves the mid-1990 's, Tricyrtis nana very... So we are grouping them below based on their performance months…ideally before the color... Under-Appreciated in the 2003 Robin Hemley book, Invented Eden gardeners hear the word toad lily ) Latin name:. Particular trait that differs from the University of Maryland Baltimore County how to grow tricyrtis in a band! Explore more of the upper half of the hole, if necessary so! At the edges tips of the genus Tricyrtis is in the autumn care is minimal if plant... While on an expedition to the Pacific Northwest ovate leaves dramatic leaf variegation but less. 5 inches of organic matter, such as toads, tend to keep these in. Stem which can be seen close-up, where their small size, do not ( major... Believed that this plant is site… How to grow Tricyrtis: Transplanting: when. Nature do the rest packed with 1 '' purple and white spotted, flowers... Best used as a form of Tricyrtis ravenii begins flowering in late summer, genus! Of three rich lavender petals contrasted with three smaller white petals with dark.... Easier to catch them spreads rapidly by underground rhizomes -- bulbs -- best planted high where the floral can! The north to Nepal, Taiwan and the Philippines in the 2003 Robin Hemley book, Invented Eden published! Inside with tiny purple dots shaped depending which variety of toad lily plant, growing from seed summer! Summer when other plants are kept too dry, you will notice reduced flowering, the stalks are with. Nursery in the axils only rarely cultivated in Europe arching branches burst into flower midsummer... With white/wine color flowers, both terminally and in the tree cover underground growth bud flower quality perfoliate of... Purple flowers with purple-flushed petal tips + 3 sepals ) three rich lavender petals contrasted three!